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There are a total of four employees at SARBI. The Saskatoon location is the head-office.

Executive Director:

Elizabeth Hummel

The executive director runs both the Saskatoon and Regina facilities. The responsibilities are as follows:

  • To develop and oversee all SARBI operations, including client treatment programs and SARBI administration. These must be completed in accordance with the policies and guidelines set forth by the SARBI Board of Directors.

  • To seek and facilitate partnerships within the community to enhance the SARBI program.

  • To engage professional consultants in cooperation with the program coordinator.

  • To review each client’s progress with consulting specialists.

Program Coordinators:

Carrie Witchekan (Saskatoon location- Full time)

Kris Theaker (Regina location- Part time)

Shantelle Seibel (Regina location- Part time)

The program coordinator’s responsibilities are as follows:

  • To work one-on-one with ABI survivors, family members, volunteers, and therapists to provide the best care for SARBI clients.

  • To design client programs with volunteer therapists.

  • To recruit and manage volunteers.

  • To plan and implement daily SARBI programming